Thank you for helping us to #seetheabilities of our great athletes and assist us in raising funds to support the sports, health and wellness programs we run in Nova Scotia by Nova Scotians for our able Athletes.

Trucker Buddy

Do you know a Convoy2017 driver that is fundraising? Over 30 Convoy Drivers have committed to Athletes as Trucker Buddies to ride and raise funds. It is our largest participation yet!

Our trucker buddy program is the best of both worlds. Drivers sponsor a specific Athletes and they ride the convoy together fundraising in advance. Our Athletes love the support and relationships of the Big Hearts, Big Rigs drivers!


Athlete Company Driver Name
Connor Fraser Maritmime Aggregates Inc Darrell Corkum
Garry Mounce ADS Patrick Patton
Jessie Langille Armour Transportation Services John Dobson
MacKenzie Johnson Armour Transportation Services Amanda Loomer
Scott Simmons Clarke Road Transport Ken Madore
Chad MacDonald Conrad Transport Craig Rafuse
Ben Kay East Coast International Trucks Tim Richard
Geoff Davis Emera Fuels-NS Power Kevin Murphy
Dave Wakely Fisher Transport Jordan MacDonald
Jonah Simmons Fisher Transport Drew MacDonald
Conar Clory Fisher Transport Ian Harpell
Andrew Snow Hull Transport Bob Hull
Cheyenne Arbour Hull Transport Bob Hull
Samantha Waite KateCo Transport Inc Cathy Haylock
Chris Costelo Keystone Western Inc Don Mullens
Cheryl Rose Keystone Western Inc Don Mullens
Leighanne Porter-Salveterra Keystone Western Inc Don Mullens
Austin Ryan Leading Edge Jeff Sampson
Courtney Morash CWS Productions Colin Smeltzer
Andrew McNaughton Midland Transport Charles Asprey
Donald Tingley Midland Transport Debra Jennings
Justin Savage Midland Transport Bob Ludlow
Ebony Hughton Midland Transport David Blenkhorn
TJ Goodwin Midland Transport Lonnie James
Frank Chaddock Mills Heavy Hauling – Tex Trucking Martin Broadman
Terry MacLeod Paul MacLellan
Andrew Giles PML Transport Ltd (midland) Pat Cajolais
BJ and Rhonda RJ Trailer Sales Inc. Rick R Joudry
Chase Newton Seafood Express (PEI ) Ltd Rick Oxner
Katie Isenor SLH Transport Inc. Terrance Smith
Asa Skinner TDR Transportation Leonard Wilson
Robert Firzzell Classic Freight Chris Hodgkinson
Bonnie Doward NSTSA Gary Hunt
Craig Eaton NSTSA Gary Hunt
Ian Wright GTL Wayne Doyle
Elizabeth Sampson GTL Wayne Doyle

Have you raised the most funds to be the lead truck?

Lead truck Fundraiser

Imagine leading a convoy through some of the busiest streets of Nova Scotia as people on the sidewalks cheer you on. Don’t just join our convoy, lead it!

The honour of leading the convoy will go to the trucker who has raised the most funds. This is a great way to show your support for the Special Olympics, as well as create exposure for your truck and company. Ask your friends, family, coworkers, vendors, and service and parts providers to sponsor your entry!  With the help of your community, you can stand at the forefront of the trucking industry’s support of the Special Olympics.

Are you the Lead Truck?

Receiving More Pledges?

If you need more, you can download extra Pledge Forms Finalhere.

More Questions?

Email or call 902-429-2266 x 2